Saturday, October 2, 2010

Moving on...

Good Morning,
Been a while since I have sat down to do this.  To be honest at certain points I find this blogging thing difficult and that most of the time I have nothing really interesting to chat about. The stuff  I would want to write about is really not something I would like everyone to read so I just choose to censor myself and I guess because of that the posts seem superficial and I guess maybe I will just stick to the topic and hope for the best. I do continue writing my journal from writing month and that has been great for me.   I do however much enjoy reading other peoples blogs.  I love reading Melissa's posts and during this have been turned onto many other blogs..mostly moms just about kid life.  I have read some great ideas on parenting etc so maybe reading blogs is more of my passion.  Although I am not writing more I have been following along.  Vegan month was good and over :)!  I think I like the reduction of certain things in my diet but not sure I would eliminate all together.   I am very good at restricting my diet so it feeds into some of that for me.  I am working everyday on moderation and maintenance so I do better with less of something instead of none of something. I also had some uncomfortable experiences eating out with friends or being invited over to peoples homes.  I don't like to be that person who picks apart their food or has to order special and let me tell you here makes that more difficult. 
So Salsa...I think the idea of getting Ian to come home from work at a reasonable time to make a Salsa lesson may actually be harder than learning salsa.  He just works so much and the time he is home he likes to hang and be with the family so I just think adding that to his plate is not going to work.   So I have decided to try a Zumba class.  I really enjoy working out and other than walking miles per day (no car and sunny days = long long walks) I have not really had any official workouts.  So from what I understand Zumba is a Latin dance aerobic workout that I heard was super fun.  From what I could understand from the French website it is Monday at 5:30.  I emailed them so hopefully I can attend.  I think it sounds fun....wonder if it will all be in French? Oh this should be interesting. baby will be 4 next week and we are having a party in the park for her (or my house if it rains).  A few Expedia friends and friends from school will join us.  I can not believe she is 4....that is crazy.  They are really happy here and so am I.  I think I have been bitten by the baby bug...I just need that bug to bite Ian.  We will see.....Here is an updated Geneva picture!


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