Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ugh is right

man...this month did not turn out the way i thought it would.

my vision:  i would go salsa dancing every friday with jamie and then start lessons this week.  we were going to be getting sooo good by now.

my reality:  i went to salsa dancing once, on october first.  it was great, but like a lot of married couples, we go through times of trouble.  and wouldn't you know it?  this time it happens to be during salsa month.  kinda makes it hard to go salsa dancing when going to couples counseling is a bigger priority.

sooooo....another month goes by without fulfilling my blogging duties.  both times it happened (writing and salsa)  i have to say i was shocked.  both things i totally thought had the potential to be my passion.  just goes to show that you never know how life is going to show up.  you never know how you may show up to life.  it's all just so random.  stay open.  cause someday it might turn out good.

but anyway...i still have been going to yoga.  still been loving it.  i have not been going 6 days a week like when i started...but i have been going.  at the Sweatbox where i practice, a lot of people are doing a thirty day challenge.  it is inspiring.  and although i have not joined them this has planted the seed of hope that i too can do the challenge.  and you know what.  at least i tried salsa, that is sometimes enough.

but then again next month is scrapbooking.
what is the sound of disdain worse than Ugh?
can i use the F word on here? ;)


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Anonymous said...

You have before...go for it. Love your outlook
it encourages me to be open to possibilities !
Be seeing you soon. Love & hugs.