Thursday, October 14, 2010


So it is mid October and I have yet to Salsa or Zumba.  I was so excited to take the first class a few weeks ago but got frustrated because I found out that I needed to take 3 buses to get there and the timing was just not going to work. I know it is really no excuse but this is my biggest frustration since moving here...everything takes double as long..I guess mostly because of the language but just finding my way around.  I am not real sure of all the street names, neighborhoods etc and I think once I get frustrated I just loose interest.  I don't know...maybe I will try for next week.  A girlfriend invited me to her gym to take a class but that I not till November but I think I will do that since I can get there by bus....I think.  Don't get me wrong as I really like not having a car...just complaining about it I guess.  We are leaving on the 23rd for a week in the South of France...I am so excited both for vacation and to have Ian with us for the week...he has been working lots so to have him home will be great.  So as for Salsa....I just don't know.  My baby turned 4 this month and we had a wonderful party in the park. I was so nervous that nobody would come or just culturally it would not go well but it was perfect.  I can not believe she celebrated her 4th birthday here in Switzerland...crazy right!  Here are some pictures...I will keep you posted about the salsa thing!

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