Saturday, February 6, 2010

cooking....and then I'll paint

this evening i made soft pretzels. my house still smells sweet from having them in the oven. it was seriously the first time i ever had dough rise correctly and as i kneaded the dough, for 10 minutes, i loved it...cause it seemed to be doing what it was supposed to. i agree, dina, it feels good to do something right, and be good at it. but see here, i have made bread tons of times before, and have never had such a satisfying experience, having it come out correctly. so, my guess is...keep trying and one of these times, you are going to be very pleasantly surprised. to be honest, that doesn't even describe it. pleasantly. it was more. it was thrilling. it was a huge yes that makes you want to kick your leg up and punch up your fist...yes! but that's just me.
ok. so onto the painting. i have been pleased with the process. i do about 30-45 minutes each night on my piece. and that feels very do-able. like i could keep up with that, ongoing. i like how that feels. tonight i added a bit of white highlighting to the center of the feathers. i was going to start the small feathers coming off the center, but i have to get another paint brush for that. the ones i have are not fine enough. i need one of those brushes that are cut at an angle.
so, here is what it looks like so far....
it is such a work in progress.
like life.
not to get all philosophical. but really.
alrighty then...i am off to watch "the Graduate." i can't believe i have not seen this yet. the film is perfect. the angles. the acting. the late 60's.
and interesting story line.....
oh, and by the way...saw a peacock today at the zoo. and i realized i happened to choose a date book for 2010 a couple months ago that has a peacock on the front.
"it's all happening...." (from the great movie...."Almost Famous")
good night,

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