Friday, February 19, 2010

This and That....

Hello is a totally different world here when we have weather like this. It is gorgeous..mountains out, lakes sparkling, and people in a good mood. It is suppose to be like this for the next few days and that makes me very happy. Nothing like a sunny Seattle day..nothing. Here is a pic from my backyard. Even these guys think that it is spring..

Our single ladies class was rockin last night. It was even better this time just cause I think both Melissa and I felt more comfortable having done it once before. We learned a new section and lets just say that practice is in my future. We have two weeks before the next class so I think we will be just fine. The class was way harder physically...I love that...nothing like a good workout to make me happy :)! We had a nice time out for drinks and a snack. Good conversation as always. Melissa always gives me things to think about and I appreciate that about her. I think that I am in need of a big change...hard to say right now what that will be but something. I wonder why I want this so bad?? I guess just for the experience or maybe the escape of things or people I don't want to think about or deal with anymore..hmmmmm I hope it is more the experience. Anyway I want it and bad! I think I am rambling when I should be practicing so off for now! I hope your weather is as beautiful as ours~ xxoo-Dina

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melissa Baumgart said...

hope you still want to deal with me :) love you! (i think) just kidding!! that came out all wrong last night. i love you! i do.