Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a new day

sometimes everything is just...OK. which is good. the mess of various things lining my hallway, awaiting time til i can put them where they need to go. the tulips that are starting to lose their petals all over the table they are on. the fact that i burned all four pieces of toast i made this morning. today, the space i am in...it is all ok. maybe it is the sunny weather we have been having. maybe it is that my kids didn't whine about the burned toast. sometimes i think i should stop trying to figure everything out and just enjoy this feeling of peace when it comes. it could be gone by 9am! i practiced last night with Lily. she really is a great dance partner. we were really working it. and the heat was kicking in the apartment, so it was extra hot...and we were sweating. it seems i have the basic routine down, and i can remember all the steps. the part to get to now is where i can actually execute all those steps, when they are supposed to be executed. then i'll add in the looks and the perfection of the placement of my head and hands, etc. i try to always practice with attitude, but sometimes the intense concentration gets in the way...and then i remind myself...hey, this is for fun. have fun with it! so...have fun with it. and let each day, hour, moment...just be what it is. both easier said than done, typically. but this morning...it has been both, easily. xoxomelissa

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