Wednesday, February 3, 2010

all the...

single ladies. all the single ladies...
there's the check going in the mail, dina. we are so there next week!
i just cannot stop singing that song. and it is only gonna get worse. starting next thursday night at 7:30pm we will be dancing it up and singing that song ALL the time...even in our dreams i bet.
in the meantime, the painting continues. i have another layer on my piece. a beautiful gold. it will be the background color for my peacock feathers. i can tell i am a novice because the paint just wasn't doing what it wanted it to do. i wanted texture, but i didn't want it to occur because the paint was dragging across the canvas, sorta gumming up as i did my brushstrokes. but i'll add more this evening and hope that it all looks like i meant to do it in the end. i am quite nervous to start the feathers. all this background color and texture has been an abstract, fixable mistake kinda experience. and actually when i painted before, i mostly did abstract works. why did i pick peacock feathers? great. i guess i could make them so they don't have to be exact replicas. i could do crazy feathers. so anything goes. we will see. i expect to start with the detailed painting more night of blissful background brushstrokes.
(i have this secret love of alliteration...I'll try not to use it too much)
besides all that, i have been in a virgo sort of re-org at home and today at work. it seems as if i feel more energized in a way. even with the "extra" thing (painting) to do....oh, thingS...blogging too. and i have noticed a number of people using the term..."turned a corner." in reference to issues in life, having home, at work, at the kids school. it started on Monday, the day we peeked around the corner and started this adventure (i know, super cheesy, but i couldn't resist. sometimes when i write this weird retail-like, infomercial voice comes out. ew.) so anyway, here's hoping that many of you have also turned some corner that you thought you may never see the other side of. (ugh, ending in a preposition...hell with the rules, this is MY blog!)

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Good Luck With That said...

I admire your painting plan and I thought I was the planner :). I thought I wanted to paint something for the house but have not yet started on that or really figured out what that would be. I have just been kinda playing around. hmmmm, I think I need a plan?? It looks great!
Luv you,
oh...and that check made me a bit nervous!