Wednesday, February 10, 2010

loving the painting...

i am really enjoying the painting tonight. i have not had the right brush to keep working on my peacock i was slacking on that. i felt horrible the other night...Monday. I went to bed knowing i promised myself to paint everyday...and i had not painted that day. i was putting tallulah to sleep and i had this moment where i could choose to get up out of bed and paint...or sleep. and i needed sleep. the worst is i didn't paint the day before on Sunday, either! i was working and getting ready for the super bowl party at dina's. which was very, very fun. she made jambalaya (yum!) and i made sazeracs (yum!!!) i was a little "slow" the next day due to the "specialty drinks" as my friend Matt so called them. anyway...i was tired and i had not painted...the dilemma. i didn't want to disappoint myself...or anyone reading and following. and yet i chose the sleep. as a mom...sometimes, we have to choose sleep. sometimes we have to choose fun. sometimes we remember what a great feeling it is to tonight. it all works out. there is a lesson in everything. sometimes jamie, my husband the guitar player, sometimes he goes to sleep. sometimes, as much as he LOVES playing guitar...he doesn't do it for days., still don't have the right brush for the feathers. but now i have this painting from my class last night. and i worked on is the updated version. good nightxoxoxmelissa

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Anonymous said...

Looks great and I have that brush for you to borrow....sorry I thought you took it with you. I will get it to you!