Tuesday, June 1, 2010

moving along...

greetings to June!  and the sun came out yesterday afternoon!!!  after a couple weeks of rain and gray, i seriously welled up and almost cried, i was so happy.

sooooo, it is sewing month.  making a dress.  i have my mom's sewing machine here, been here for months, and i guess i just assumed i would use it.  she texted me today that she was coming over to get her sewing machine!  so, maybe i can rent one.  after all, it is hers. :)  and she is taking it to take in some clothes of hers that i had said i would help with, but never did.  sorry, mom!  in my ideal life, i have days that i can spend sewing and helping my mom fix up her wardrobe.

so, gardening month is over.  i finished the book i was reading last night.  and as you know, i loved it.  he puts together some simple "rules" for eating at the end of the book, and they are well thought out and simple.  he actually has a new book out that pretty much covers those rules, you know, for the americans that don't have time to sit down and read a 200 page book.  it's like the cliff notes of In the Defense of Food.  it's called Food Rules by Michael Pollan.  i still have my food out there growing, and i still need to get the things so my food can grow up instead of all over each other.  maybe today!  since i am home with a sick little girl and not at work.

so, I am busily checking out sewing books on amazon.  I have heard SewU books from Built by Wendy are good.  and i saw some others, but then i read the reviews.  i guess some people are just going to hate things.  no matter how much other people like them.  i seem to have this love hate thing with reviews, i want them to be helpful...but then i talk myself out of almost everything because of the negative reviews.  i almost didn't go to a hotel that i ended up absolutely loving because of a negative review.

and there is a little fabric shop here in capitol hill called Stiches.  i am going to check that out, they have classes...none for a dress, but maybe i could do a bag.  and see if they rent a machine! :)


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becky said...

Melissa- you might (if there is time) search sewing blogs. There are many women out there sewing and blogging about it.

The purple peasant skirt I wore last summer was made without a pattern and used measurements for the fabric.

It was challenging but I hate hate hate following patterns and dealing with all of that tissue paper business. ugh.

re- the sewing machine- you could really go for it and try to sew one by hand!