Monday, June 21, 2010

10 more days

yes, 10 days left to sew my dress.  lily alerted me this morning..."mama!  June is almost over and you have to still sew your dress!"  so, i counted up the days and i think i can do it.  since we last met, i sewed the outer fabric to the lining at the arm holes.  i was nervous about that cause they are not just the straight lines i had sewn for the sides.  but it went well.  and now i will be moving on.
i am feeling a lot better....and going to yoga today!  finally.  it has been 4 days, that is the longest i have gone since starting in April.  but with being sick and a busy weekend, that is what happened.  so, moving forward.  as always.  no need to dwell on the past, or feel bad about it.
i think i mentioned this before, but sewing is totally not my passion.  i may do it again here and there.  and i am glad i chose it, because i like the idea of knowing i can make my clothes if i wanted to.  ok, i know, a little preemptive there since i have not actually finished the dress.  it'll happen.  i can kinda be a last minute kind of gal.

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