Tuesday, June 15, 2010

fabric is cut!!!

sweet jesus.  i did it.  i started yesterday when i had some quiet time at home alone and i did the lining.  then this morning....i cut my peacock fabric.  it really wasn't so bad.  i did have to re-pin the patterns a couple times for various reasons, like placing then upside down.  that was a little frustrating.
speaking of frustrating...i find crafting of pretty much all sorts (sewing, hand stitching, knitting, embroidery, etc....) frustrating and tension building.  i could never understand how people find these things relaxing.  and yet, i know they do...i just don't get it.  my back and neck hurt this morning, simply from pinning and cutting fabric.  i get all tense, all through my upper body and jaw.  and just as i was thinking this, my neighbor stopped by yesterday while I was cutting.  she said she had been sewing that morning and found it to be very stressful and tense.  so, we had some fun describing and laughing about the "bitchy" seamstresses that we are.  we laughed about how we could never say a lot of love went into making our clothes.  is it the virgo, perfectionistic tendencies?  is it something to let go of? of course.  always a learning of deeper substance in my world.  but is it something i will transform into being my passion?  i doubt it.  regardless, tense or not, i will finish the dress.

i really hope it fits me.

off to start the machine up and get to sewing~  i am on step 3 of the pattern!  3rd step out of 9.
reminding myself to:
enjoy each step of the journey.  it's not all about the finished project.
stay present.  slow down.  this is not a race to the finish line.
and to breathe.


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