Thursday, June 24, 2010

Starting Over

I feel like it has been forever that I have even checked in here!  I have decided that I am not going to sew this month as things are just to crazy, I feel overwhelmed, the kids are needy, my dog is very needy, and I just can not do anything more than I am doing.  I think I will start again next month with writing as that seems more reachable and maybe helpful for me right now.  We are out of our house and living in a temp apartment in Bellevue.  I really can not complain as it is very nice but I want my visa so I can GOOOOOO.  If you know anyone in the Swiss consulate please give them a call and tell them to hurry hurry hurry.  This waiting is killing me...

Till July!


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Anonymous said...

Moving out of the country totally gives you a pass! I think in our first care package I will let Paul make you something that you can wear... Hope your wait is over soon.