Friday, June 4, 2010

Finally a Post!

Good Morning from Geneva,

Ian and I have been here a week and are ready to fly back to Seattle today.  I am ready to come home and see the girls but not sure if I am ready for what is ahead over the next few weeks.  We leave again on Thursday for a wedding in DC and then we move out of our house and most likely into temp housing the week of the 21st.  It all seems so soon and part of me would like to push it back a few weeks but really I say lets just do it.  The anticipation of it feels harder than the actual move part.  I will fill you in on some Geneva news and then we can talk about sewing or lack of it.  We have had a very successful week!  We confirmed that Madeline will attend Ecole (school) Mosaic.  This is a wonderful small bilingual private primary school.  There are only 100ish kids in the entire school so that is about 1 class per grade.  We got lucky and the school is growing so they are opening a new 1st grade class for next she is in.  We liked it so much that we actually applied for Hazel but she will need to go on the waitlist and we will see.  The way the school works in that she will have two different English..and one French.  The languages will alternate by days so English one day and French the next.  She will learn quickly in such a nice environment.The school is 40% Swiss and 60% international so there are many kids who do not know French or English so Madeline will be ahead of the game in some areas.  The best news about this school is that I fell in love with the area that it is in.  Champel is a part of the city with a very neighborhood feel.  It has a grocery, butcher, many bakeries, tailor etc all within walking distance and you can even walk to Ian's office in Eaux Vive or take a super fast bus ride.  It also has a fabulous park across for the school that has a playground, wading pool, and off leash park for Walter.  I really wanted to live in the city..figure try something new while I have the chance.  So we have the school and neighborhood so we needed an apartment.  After looking at about 10 rentals we found one that both Ian and I could agree on.  We just got positive confirmation yesterday that our initial application has been approved and being sent to final approval.  The flat is a duplex on the 9th and 10th floor of a well not so beautiful building :(.  We looked at some wonderful older European building but none seemed to have the space we need but oh well.  It has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.  The living space is full of huge windows, fire place, nice floors etc.  Downstairs are all the bedrooms and they are all good size with lots of closets.  The best part is the two level terrace with amazing views of the Jet and the city.  It is huge and will be a great place for Walter and the girls to hang.  I loved that there was an outdoor kitchen up there with a sink, grill etc.  So great.  So there we go...we did it a school, flat, and neighborhood that we love..not just to get there :)

Back to the obviously I have not been able to give this my all but I have to let it go a bit..if I worry about this two I may push myself over the edge.  I actually have been following along just not having the time to blog about it.  My tomatoes and herbs are continuing to grow and it makes me sad we will have to leave them for the renters but they will have a yummy sauce.  I decided to redo gardening month a bit more with flowers etc when we move as we have a huge terrace to fill.  I guess it is time to sew....I have to say the thought of starting a new project right now really stresses me out but I am going to try.  I may have some redo months at the end so that I really can participate the way that I want.  I will borrow my neighbors machine tomorrow and maybe visit a fabric store but I guess no promises on completion.

I figure the truth is that even people who already know there passion get interrupted by huge life changes so for now I will need to be one of those people.

Oh and here is a view from the Terrace of our new flat!

Off for a journey to Seattle!


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Anonymous said...

To add some context to Dina's post, Dina was the glue which kept us on track towards a successful week in Geneva. When my emotions have wavered about our upcoming adventure, Dina has held the pieces together. I am blessed to have such a strong wife. In this blogs search for passions, we're reminded that life doesn't always come at us as planned and maybe the passions we chase are right beside us (in our family). We shall capture opportunities to nurture/grow ourselves and our closest relationships. And, those spectacular views from our terrace will be all the more when shared with my family. And, we can't wait for the Baumgart invasion (props to my wonderful big sister). I guess it's fitting to tell ourselves 'Good luck with that' as we pass through the coming weeks. And, I'll expect some new clothes coming out of your sewing...I'll take a Large Tall. Dina, I love you!