Wednesday, June 9, 2010

slow start....

it's the 9th!  and i only have my supplies and my pattern cut out.  tonight i iron my pre-washed fabric and maybe, just maybe I will cut it.  the pattern cutting went ok.  i was three different sizes....bust, waist and hips all fell into a different size according to the pattern.  so, I had to draw lines from one size to another and hope it works out.  please let it fit!  wouldn't that be a bummer?  to make a great dress that didn't fit!  ok, i am so not going to go there.  it will fit.  it will fit.  oh, and my mom hasn't taken her sewing machine yet.  so, I will have to be a good daughter and really get to fixing those clothes of hers as soon as i am finished with my dress. i know, i am so selfish.
this is the kids last week of school.  only two more days.  and last week of school at this particular school.  it's onto public education after the summer.  i think it will be just fine.  it is a little strange to not be signing up for class parent jobs for next year, and looking around and, this isn't "our" school anymore.  but that's part of the process.  grieving a loss in a way.  not like with tears and a burial or our school directory or something.  but it is a loss none the less, and i hope my kids greet whatever feelings they have about it as they come up.
so...i guess off to sewing.  i could clean up my house.  i could dust.  i could do anything!  i just finished bikram and after walking home...the apartment is empty!  wow.  i may just have a moment of silence....savasana.  lots of self discovery lately, and i think some quiet to let it sink in is the perfect thing.  then sewing....and maybe a lil cleanin too.
with gratitude....for all that is,

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