Thursday, June 17, 2010

drinking "nasty tea"...

so, the other day i did get some actual sewing done.  the fronts and backs of both the exterior and lining are sewn together.  next is to start sewing those together at the sleeves.  i tried on what was sewn and it seems too big.  but i don't know how it will looked when it is finished, and then there is also the belt to help it look more fitting, i guess.  i measured everything and cut accordingly, so i am afraid to try and mess with it at this point.  but if i wait and try to adjust it later, it might be even more difficult.  and then again, if i change something to the body of the dress, what if it doesn't fit the yoke appropriately.  so, I will continue as planned.  with what i have already cut.  i want to work on it today, but i just don't feel that great.  sore throat (although a 3am gargle with warm salt water and turmeric powder really helped and it actually doesn't hurt that much anymore) and mostly a lot of sinus pressure and pain.  but i am drinking my "nasty tea" - a version of it anyway, as there are lots of nasty teas according to my kids :) root for my swollen glands, osha, usnea, and balsam root.  i am liking these herbs lately, so good timing for me to get a chance to really try them out. sew or not to sew?  i have til three to decide, and then it is off to work.
have a great thursday everyone!

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