Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm on my way...

holy shit.  i am totally making a dress!  i am on Step 6G!!!  I have sewn the yoke, added on the button loops, gathered the front of the yoke and attached the front of the yoke to the body of the dress.  i am actually at a point where i don't know if i am attaching everything right, but i am reading the directions thoroughly and expecting it to all come out in the end.  so far so good.  i thought i lost a piece of the pattern at one point this morning, and that was a little upsetting.  i just don't know enough about sewing to guess what the "right yoke template" might have looked like.  but there it was in between the radiator parts in my dining room...i am lucky that little flimsy piece of paper didn't ignite over there...those radiators get so flipping hot.  and yes, as of the past couple days...the heat has been ON here in Seattle.  it has been ridiculous.  On Sunday, maybe i mentioned....but seriously, i put on a brunch for a handful of families at a beach and it was freezing cold!  and raining!!!  WTF, the day before summer solstice....and a bloody mary brunch on the beach was like 50 degrees!  anyway...the last couple days have been gorgeous.  this afternoon we were at the park while levi was at baseball practice and it was skies with beautiful clouds, a light breeze and SUN.
i told the kids it was my secret mission to finish my dress by tomorrow evening and wear it to Tallulah's birthday party.  and as close as i am, i mean...Step 8 is hemming the dress (and remember, I am on step 6!), i just don't know if i will be able to do it.  i just got back from the grocery store and did a little tiny bit of prep work for tomorrow's food and it is after midnight.  oh, and by the way...when i was procrastinating today about sewing, guess what i was doing? looking up recipes, of course.  my mom says she thinks cooking is one of my passions.  it is.  i love it.  but i think there is more.  now i have yoga too.  and speaking of food...we are going to have tempeh, tahini, curry, mango and cilantro sandwiches; salami sandwiches with green olive tapenade and red peppers; smoked salmon sandwiches with cucumber and creme fraiche; roasted cauliflower; baked macaroni and cheese bites; roasted garbanzo beans; chocolate covered grapes; brownies; and a veggie and dip platter; oh, and salty dogs to drink.  i think that's everything.  so, yea.  not sure i'll have time to also finish my dress.  and get a haircut tomorrow too.  and watch at least one other kid!  i guess we're busy :)  that's life...sometimes you're so busy, in a good way.  and other times you get to kick back and read a book or look at the beautiful clouds.  you know, i think i am getting better at using those often but brief interludes throughout the day....just zoning out when i have 20 free seconds, or really letting go of everything to relax with a cooking magazine while the kids are playing at the park.  those little bits of time can really fill you up., i am going to bed now.  not gonna sew.  not gonna cook more tonight.  refresh and be ready for the morning!  and just maybe finish that dress.  i really, really want to.
i can't wait to little baby is 5!
xoxo melissa

PS....i forgot to tell you.  the other day after i was sewing in the morning...I went out and picked some lettuce and kale and chard and had myself a nice salad for lunch.  then i went to yoga later that day.  so in the 5 months so far, that day i was fully using 3 of the "passions."  pretty cool.  i am so thankful that this came into my life, it has been so rewarding.  and the personal growth has been more than i have ever thought possible.  the other cool thing is that other people have been emailing me about how inspired they have been....starting their own gardens, or joining a health club.  so amazing!

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