Wednesday, June 30, 2010

and that's a wrap on June...

i didn't finish the belt yet, and i didn't do the flower pin for the dress either.  i will.  and i have the best excuse ever!  i was going to do that all today, but instead i got to be at my dear friend Kate's birth!  what a blessing.  i love being a doula, especially for a family so close to my heart.  and Kate was amazing, but hey she should start her own blog if she wants everyone to know about her amazing birth, right? :)
So, anyway....what a beautiful day.  i think the sun even came out here in Seattle.  Been a cold, chilly June so far.  Speaking of June, that is the sweet new baby's name.  and she just made it, last day of June.

the plan finish the belt and flower before I leave for vacation on July 14th.  so, like i said...sewing is not my thing.  i mean, really, i it took me a month to sew one thing, how long would it take to sew my clothes when i needed something, and not to mention my kid's clothes.  and Jamie's.  oh, and yea, at $100 a pop per outfit, i am not saving much.  i guess unless i found much much cheaper fabric and made everything from the same pattern.  and was a better measurer, since i did it just like it said, and it doesn't fit right.  oh, and I'll post pictures of details.  I promise.

Tomorrow starts writing month.  i once started a group that was doing the Artist's Way, a book to help unlock creative potential.  it was a fun group....but honestly, we mostly got together, drank wine and sat in the hot tub and talked about stories from our past that came up from reading the book.  i loved it.  i think we made it to the third chapter.  but what i did get from it was the "morning pages."  you write three pages every morning....of whatever comes up.  not taking your pen from the paper, just stream of consciousness stuff.  it is supposed to help clear the mind of all the junk/garbage that we hold up there.  at this point in my life, I don't believe we can ever get "rid" of that crap...but we can observe it, watch it roll on by.  so all of that is to say, i intend to do the morning pages this month.  i also intend to write something.  maybe an article kind of thing on the menstrual cycle...maybe written for young girls.  or maybe written for mother's of young girls.  and then it may tie into teaching a class in the fall.  we'll see on that.  we'll see on the morning pages.

have a great last night of June....i know i am.  Sitting back, bloggin, enjoying a salty dog.  and embarrassingly watching "mall cop" with my kids.  hey, it was rated PG, so we tried it.  maybe not the best choice.

loving life....

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