Thursday, July 1, 2010

Time to Write...

A few things about me...when things in my life are crazy, stressful, sad , emotional, etc I do not like to talk about it at all..instead I tend to go inside myself and be alone to deal.  I don't know if it is right or wrong or maybe there is no right or wrong but it is just who I am.  I am sure one day I will just explode but over the past 33 years of being this way I have not yet so I guess I am ok.  Maybe this is why I never did like going to therapy...guess the point is to talk about things and well no so much for me.  So I tell you this because I feel like I have been totally absent from this blog and that is really only because I have been pretty much absent from everything.  I really want to thank the people who don't care that this is how I am, that I never call them back, cancel playdates, cancel dinner dates, and yet they still send me little notes and try to just make sure I am ok, never take it personally, never ask why and...I am thankful for that.

So I guess I tried to explain all that as I decide how I am going to approach writing month.  Yes things have been crazy in my life but the good news is I am moving to SWITZERLAND!  Seriously...Geneva living in Europe.  It is going to be amazing...if I ever can get there.  This leads me to what I will write about...This month I am going to blog as much as I can...try everyday since it is writing month as use it as sorta a journal of how our move is going..the ups and downs, humorous and sad.  I don't want to blog/write about feelings, emotions, the inner working of my soul..nope none of that is for me I am just going to tell you what is going on and maybe some funny things we have done along the way.  This feels good to me and I think I will enjoy reading it back when we get there and the girls may enjoy it here we is writing month and the Terry family is moving to Geneva..via Bellevue and Maryland :)!

July 1, 2010
We have seriously been waiting for our visas for like forever..well maybe not forever but these final ones are taking a long time.  Everyone in Ian's group is already there so this is good and bad.  Bad that we are the last ones to leave (also the last ones to apply so kinda makes sense) but good because he has been home more spending time with the kiddos and Walter.  Oh walter..we have been living in a temp apartment in Bellevue and Mr. Walter has been having significant separation anxiety meaning crying, yelping when we leave.  He is totally fine when we are here but we have gotten a few complaints about him..oh my.  So we basically love our dog like he is human so Ian has been working from home so he does not have to be alone.  Think he is going to like the airplane..not so much.  I am going to go ahead to leave for DC on the 8th to hang with the family before Geneva and Ian will leave when the visas are ready.  I am excited to go but it sure will be HOT..I see much pool and AC in our future.  The girls have been doing great with all the transition..they are a little needy but well so am I.  For today..the girls asked to see Amanda ( my dear friend and the best sitter in the world) so off to build a bear for an airplane snuggle friend and lunch.  Please pray for visa news tomorrow..but since it is writing month I will let you know!

Thanks for following our move!

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