Monday, July 5, 2010

blah day

today is a low.
i don't know why.  my family has had a rough day.  levi woke up and was still upset from the night before and spent most of the morning into the afternoon crying and having a fit.  tallulah and levi both got hurt several time this afternoon.  i was cranky, moody and feeling kinda blah all day.  we had dinner plans with dina and family, and they were cancelled.  oh yea, cancelled cause tallulah had diarrhea....i forgot that bit.  now, of course, she seems fine.  but since dina and the girls are traveling in a couple days, it seemed best not to risk them getting sick. is so weird that i may not see them before they go to geneva.  and sad. and that's just how life goes sometimes.
i did get up and write my pages this morning.  two pages cause i got up late.  i think i forgot i had to work so i didn't even set my alarm for this morning.
what else?
not much. went to yoga.  now i should just finish that damn belt and flower.  but i feel so irritated.  sewing may night be the best thing to do.  maybe head to bed, and start over tomorrow.


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