Friday, July 2, 2010

morning pages, day 2

it takes longer than i thought to do three pages of writing.  i am guessing it took about 20 minutes.  and i realize twenty minutes isn't that long, really.  but in the morning when my kids are talking to me and there are things i have to get done, it feels like a long time.  maybe tomorrow i will set the alarm and get up early to write them.
it's a rainy day here in seattle...surprise surprise.  maybe it will be a good day finish the belt and flower for the dress.  and get some reading done for the article i may write.  why am i not totally agreeing to this writing?  hmmm.  in my pages this morning i was thinking about writing a book.  but i hate to break it to myself, but i may want to start with an article before i get carried away into a book.  ha!
i am actually sitting here listening to my 10 yr old talk with her friend about dreams they had last night.  they were talking about how they can alter their dreams.  sometimes.  and of course there were parts with smooching.  girls!  so cute.
alter my dreams.
and i just got reprimanded and told i was "going bazooka gum!"  because it should be the girls happened to be talking about smooching.  not of course they were.
i think I'll interview the girls.  see what they want to know about their bodies and changes going on and getting their period.  maybe that will be a good start to the writing.  the book i was envisioning was geared towards young girls, and their mom's.  a section of the book for each.  and i was wondering how i would relate or remember what it was like to be where they are.  so, I'll just ask them.
wonder how this will go.....

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