Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sunshine=better day

yesterday was a much better day.  i hate to say that this may all be somewhat weather dependent, but the sun did finally shine yesterday.  and the other day...the blah day...well, summer was long overdue and the weather was quite blah itself.  so, we are a week into July and i have written morning pages most days and i took notes for the piece on menstruation one day.  that's all the writing i have done.  in an attempt to charge my writing battery, i am going to work on some creative writing today.  poems.  prose.  that kind of thing.  i used to love poetry classes in college.  i was actually an English major in my undergrad.  that's why i picked writing, because it was something i really loved at one point in my young adult life.  i think writing has always been something that i still love to do, but making time for it to bloom is the challenge.  it seems to take some time for me to get into a "writing" or "creative" space.  and with three kids and a job and my new passion for yoga and getting ready for a big trip...i am having a hard time carving out that space.  excuses.  have i mentioned my trip to you all?  in one week i will be heading to Baltimore for a few days and meeting up my my in-laws and then going to the Dominican Republic.  after that, a week at the Jersey shore and then back to Baltimore.  I'll be gone for three weeks!  i don't think i have ever gone on a trip like this.  and i have never been to a tropical island.  ever.  i am so excited.

oh, i am back.  i was getting distracted on the internet, but a good thing arose from my distraction.  another writing idea.  i love the Sun magazine, and if you don't know it, i suggest you go out and buy a copy and check it out.  anyway, they have a section called "readers write" and you get a new topic every month to write about and can submit your writing.  this month is "making it last" and i am going to submit something.  i have always wanted to, but never have actually followed through with it.  if they publish your piece, you get a free year subscription to the magazine.  so there, another writing project and a deadline, August 1st.  i like that.

i finished my belt yesterday, you know, for the dress.  maybe I'll wear it to work today.  alrighty, now off to see if i have someone to watch my kids so i can go to my Bikram yoga!


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