Monday, June 18, 2012

What is garbure? I'm so glad you asked.

Posted by Melissa Baumgart
Can you believe it? The fresh veggies for the amazing garbure are still sitting in the fridge.  This is very garbure that was to become Jamie's dish, his thing that people would remember him for.  The garbure that could change with the seasons, the one that would become a conversation piece:
"What is a garbure?" Everyone would ask.
"Oh, I am glad you asked," Jamie would reply, "A garbure is a stew and the name derives from the use of the term garb to describe sheaves of grain depicted on a heraldic shield or coat of arms. So, the name of garbure, which is eaten with a fork, is a reference to the use of pitchforks to pick up sheaves of grain. It originated in Gascony in south-west France, where it is found in every home. Each home has its own unique version, and in that way, it reminds me of Jazz, so much improvisation, yet rooted in  a traditional structure."   
And then hopefully, our friends would still be listening by the end of the garbure lecture, and willing to stick around and try it out. Jamie really does like to share what he knows...and talk, talk, talk.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Thursday night ended late and unfinished.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday went by in a flash, and without any cooking class.  So, now I am left with a dilemma: to make the soup today, or risk the veggies being rotten by the time Jamie gets to them.

I kinda want to be mad at him.  I mean, essentially, he picked this month, and now he is not showing up.  I know he is working, which is a good thing.  And we have had a lot of sports/school things to attend, which is also good. So, the excuses are valid, and good.

So, I'll keep you updated.  Anyone else having fun in the kitchen these days?  Any good recipes?  As soon as the garbure is finished, I will be posting the recipe, so stay tuned!


sophanne said...

Love the garbure chat... I could hear his voice.

Make the garbure and maybe try not to be mad. It's all about the ability to shift with what's going on instead of attaching to what you thought would happen.

Melissa Baumgart said...

I know, I can totally hear him saying all that!

And, believe me, I am all about shifting...sometimes I think that should be the title of this blog. The title of my life!

Cassandra said...

Your garbure sounds so much better than our recent meals! ;) We're eating what's left in the fridge and cupboards and are trying desperately to not buy groceries this week. Moving is hard on menu planning!