Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finding oneself

Posted by Melissa Baumgart
Ever since we painted one of our kitchen walls with chalkboard paint, I have loved my living space more than I already did.  Mostly because of the larger space to lay out our weekly schedule, which has become increasingly more important as the age of each child increases.  Seriously, I never kept a calendar, everything was easily catalogued in my brain, pregnancy brain and all.  It never failed.

That was until all the sports and activities that a social and active pre-teen bring with them.  And believe me, I love every minute of it.  If I complain about it at all, it's just because I am trying desperately to fit in with everyone else complaining about all the driving to and fro.  Ok, actually, I will admit to complaining freely about the cost.  But that aside, I love it you can easily concur from all my yelling, I cheer LOUDLY at all games!

But some of the other reasons I love the chalkboard wall are the opportunity for the random phone number that has to be written when you cannot find a goddamn pen anywhere.  And I buy pens frequently.  Where do they all go?  Also for the opportunity to write down some new and favorite quotes to inspire.  Honestly, I doubt the kids even notice.  And if they did, they'd probably be pissed that I am trying to be inspiring.  But I don't care.

I love finding something that speaks to me, and that hopefully speaks to anyone else that enters my home.  This week's addition is about service.  Service is a big part of why I chose my life serve women and babies in having the best birth possible.  When it is safe to be out of the hospital, of course.  Midwifery for low-risk moms has been proven to be the best model for low infant and maternal mortality rates.  And I am so excited to be a part of offering women and babies my service, my heart and my soon-to-be extremely knowledgeable skills.

Thank you, Matahma Gandhi, for the inspiring words.  I find that most of the good things in life come from giving, not from gaining.  Why do we all struggle so desperately to prove that wrong???

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Cassandra said...

We struggle to prove it wrong because we are selfish beings whose natural tendency is to demand rather than serve. :P If we only could learn to embrace the joy that comes from serving! <--preaching to myself here. ;)