Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jamie's List

Posted by Melissa Baumgart

I woke up today to find this list upon my desk.  I have been asking Jamie, my husband, to make a list of what his intentions are for the month.  I know what I want him to learn, but let's be honest, this month will go a whole lot better if he chooses his own lesson plan.  I really hope this goes better than assumed.

So, here you go...

Jamie's list:

  1. How to use a cookbook.
  2. How to time separate dishes.
  3. How to add one or two ingredients to a dish to make it super tasty, like greens to a quesadilla or avocado and sour cream on scrambled eggs. 
  4. How to make soup/stew.  (veggie, root, chicken noodle)
  5. Enchiladas.
  6. An Indian dish.
  7. A Proper Salad and Dressing.
  8. Lasagne.
  9. A Chicken or  mashed potatoes, gravy, stewed tomatoes.
My reply:
  1. OK, I'll do my best, but this could be a personality thing.  Can you follow directions?  And, no, I don't mean from me!
  2. Ditto.  Plus, this takes time and practice, just like math.
  3. Sounds like you already have some ideas on how to do this.
  4. Can do.
  5. Yum.
  6. Ditto.
  7. This requires more of a simple chopping lesson and a basic knowledge of a good ratio of oil to acid.
  8. Super easy!  Come on, it's on the dang noodle box, if you need a quick fix.  But I'll teach you a really good one, and please, never use jarred sauce.
  9. So, you want to make sides and no main dish?  Do you want to learn how to roast a chicken???  Cause you can, and it's a good skill to have if you eat meat.  And in that Thomas Keller cookbook I offered you, there is an awesome recipe for roasted chicken, and I highly suggest it.  
There you have it.  I think I, I mean we, can accomplish most of those this month. With extra leg room for learning curve around the timing and super tasty thing.  Those come with time, my dear husband. And believe me, if you learn how to cook, really good food, you'll be offered plenty of time to practice these skills.  I think.  I hope I'll be able to relinquish control!

Oh, and I better not forget, Jamie made a pasta dish this week and my daughter actually asked, "Did Mama make this?"  Wow!


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Alton Altars said...

should you add how to boil water...I think you should make him learn how to make a souffle