Sunday, July 1, 2012

Paint the town!

Posted by Amy Baranski & Melissa Baumgart
July brings a GLWT first, "Reader's Choice!"  Amy generously offered our reader's their choice for one of our months.  And here's what they chose....Paint a Mural.  Yippee.  Really, that was not meant to sound enthusiastic.  Note the lack of an exclamation point.
In all honesty, I (Melissa) was excited about this month, considering how much I loved our first ever GLWT month of "Painting."  However, the task of finding a site and painting on a large scale feels a bit daunting.  But, as always, I am willing to do it for the blog!

At least it's not political campaigning, another option suggested by our readers. (Says Amy) In my opinion, it's a more interesting way to make a difference in the community.  Murals often bring me an unexpected joy.

We are hopeful that a space will present itself for our paint brushes, and paint, for that matter.  Any suggestions out there? We may have a couple leads, but it would be fun to have a reader suggested space as well!

In addition to painting, we hope to be able to shine some light onto Seattle's many murals.  In the process, to discover more about the mural painting process and get people out to see some of these amazing works of art.

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Cassandra said...

Did you manage to find a space to paint the mural?