Tuesday, March 16, 2010

are you kidding me....

god damn it. my flipping allergies were so awful yesterday. so, i took some benedryl...i know, quite the herbalist. but whatever. so, i took the OTC, and i crashed. hard. at 4pm, i went to take a "nap." and i didn't wake up til the next morning. well, I did wake up for 10 minutes to eat the dinner that my 9 year old made...then stumbled back to bed. so, anyway...i did not dance. after all that, promising myself i would dance, and i didn't.
i just hate being disappointed in myself.
and tonight, after I watch other people actually doing their passion on american idol...i am going to get my ass up off this couch and dance. for real, it is going to be hard. i just want to go to bed. i worked, got the kids from school, talked to the IRS for 45 minutes, tended to my marriage, went to a parent evening at school, came home and put the kids to bed and now have had 30 minutes to send an invite email for Lily's birthday and blog. and it is almost 10pm.
but just doing the dance once or twice...even just that, will be a huge victory. huge.
life is crazy.

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