Wednesday, March 24, 2010

almost 70 degrees...

it is a beautiful march day here in seattle. my car temperature read 67 on the way home from school today. so, funny that i am sitting inside blogging! yet, here i am, so let me catch you all up on the passion finding.
last thursday was, as dina said, our last beyonce dance class. it was great. i was all cranky going into it, just having a day with my husband where we were not seeing eye to eye...or was it something else? see how important it was...i don't even remember now what i was cranky about. ha. but once we started dancing, i just let go and had a great time. we learned the entire thing and danced it through. wow. i really need to take a moment to remember what it felt like at that first class. i kept thinking i was not made to be able to grasp this dancing thing. i was near tears, and embarrassed for it. how could anyone see how this one dance class could get me so worked up and upset with myself. so, i held it in and practiced like a mad woman all week. the next class was better....and it kept getting better. ok, maybe the next class was easier cause of that scotch i had beforehand. but regardless, they got better sans alcohol after that. and i don't have it down perfect, far from it...but i did learn it. and better than i ever thought i would be after the first class. even though the practicing tapered away as the auction got closer. i am so, so proud of myself.
and now back to painting. i am working on finishing my peacock feathers. i really do like them. and wonder what in the world they will look like in the end. finding the right brush has been a challenge, and getting the paint thickness correct for the brush size...but i am learning by experience and having fun. last night, after i did some financial paperwork and read a book with jamie...and of course, watched american idol...i sat down to paint. the house was quiet, kinds were in bed and jamie was reading...and it felt so good. i am usually so busy and love to go out, that i can forget i like quiet and slow.
next weekend starts yoga....i will be researching studios to try and go to as much as i can. i am looking forward to the spiritual part of yoga practice. how great to work your body, but also deepen your understanding of yourself and life at the same time.

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