Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Top 10...

So I wanted to blog about something interesting but well it has not been that kinda day..just really nothing interesting. I am trying hard to appreciate the little things so I thought I would give you the top 10 things good or bad that happened on a not so interesting day! 10. The bonky bird is back (for years we have had a bird that likes to bang into our playroom window. I makes me nuts and we have tried all kinds of things to make him go away...would love any suggestions. Kinda wanting him to knock himself out one of these days :)) 9. I did not clean or do laundry! 8. No work! Got to spend the whole day with Hazel and 1/2 with Madeline. 7. Worked as Parent Helper in Madeline's school. We really are so lucky..what a great classroom. She has just learned so much..I have always been impressed by teachers but this tops it for me! 6. No big news...we are kinda waiting for big news! 5. Jamie called me Flexible! I know he probably would never have thought I would remember that (funny how you never realize what you say to someone could really stick with them) this is not really a word I would use to describe me and scary that I do teach this on a daily basis. This is something I have been working on happy that someone noticed! 4. Going to go to the gym late so I can sneak in the yoga room and practice my dancing! Class Tomorrow!!!! 3. Took my girls to get our toes done. I got a real pedicure and well they got one kiddy style. They totally loved it and as a mama it was most fun for me. Hazel giggled the whole time and Madeline just wanted to make sure it was perfect. 2. I was proud of my girls. I really can take them anywhere. They sat quietly for almost an hour while I had my appointment in a small nail place and they were just sitting and reading the books we took with us. They are amazingly well behaved most of the time...I was really proud of them. Oh and this was before I told them they could have their toes done :)! 1. I felt really happy all day..sun was out and really nothing to complain about! well..except the bird that keeps bashing my window as I type! Hope your not so interesting day was as fun as mine:) XXOO-Dina

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