Sunday, February 28, 2010

quite a workout!

this dance is a serious workout! i practiced the other day in my felt so good. the heels add this sense of..well, that you feel special and fancy, and somehow it helps you think you are better at it. :) i also realized that i never told ya'll about the last place we went to after our class...a whole week and a half ago! we went to The Chapel. i feel like i did tell about this already. but maybe it was just how i think over my posts sometimes before i write them and then i don't get around to it. so either way...i'll go on about the chapel. it was smaller than i expected, and louder. it was kinda fancy. the cha cha was very casual, in my opinion. and i think i felt more comfortable there. the drink menu was great at the chapel. lots of martinis. wait, i totally remember writing this. i think i am losing my mind. haha! just bear with me. i had a drink called the baby mae...tequila, cardamom, and grapefruit. Dina had a blackberry martini. they were tasty. we also had a flatbread pizza and ceasar salad. dina loved the pizza. the salad was a little too anchovy-y for me...but it was good enough to eat. here is a link to the chapel...worth checking out. they often have djs...although i don't know where the dance floor is. oh, but the upstairs balcony had a private party, and that seemed like it would be fun to get invited to. this weekend was laid back. full moon tonight. jamie and i are celebrating...our life together, our children, our future. today is a special day for us and it reminds me of everything we have here, right now, to be thankful for. we also got a surprise last minute visit from pete, jamie's stepfather...the kid's popou (greek for grandfather.) we had a nice dinner together and it was great to see him. hasta manana mis amigos..... xoxoxmelissa

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