Wednesday, February 10, 2010

moving on....

Here are a few pictures from our class. It was really fun and I am so happy with what the three of us did. We are pretty creative when we don't think about it..... I have mixed feeling about moving on from painting..mostly because I have a painting that is not finished and that I finally feel like I am getting into a painting groove but I am going to put it aside since our dance class starts tomorrow. I have thought about painting some during the weeks we are dancing but decided against it. I think that point of me doing this is to completely put myself into something and see how it makes me feel and doing two things at once does not feel good to me. So with that I am going to pause on painting and get my dancing shoes on. I am so very excited to take this class...I am sure I am going to look like an ass but I don't really care. I don't know anyone in that class and really don't care what they think. I still don't think I could actually perform in front of my family mostly for the opposite of those exact reasons...I do know all the people and I do care what they think. I think I can agree to a video! I am curious to see if I miss painting and will be looking forward to getting back to it at the end of March! Off to the gym.....Get your dancing shoes on people! XXOO-Dina

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Anonymous said...

You spent many of your teenage years in the dance studio. I am sure you will find your dancing feet.
Love Mommy