Friday, February 12, 2010

single ladies...omg!

holy shit. i have a whole new appreciation for the world of dancing. i took my first class tonight for the Beyonce video of her single "single ladies." i seriosuly thought i was going to start crying and run out of the room at one point. it was SO So hard. and fun. i loved it. our teachers were fabulous. so sweet. they weren't intimidating. but dude....those moves are so so hard! i practiced tonight, and man...i have a lot of practicing to do. if i can get this, even a little bit, it will be a miracle. tonight i watched the you tube of "dan" doing the dance and i am totally impressed. before i thought it was funny, kinda cute and sorta overkill on the beyonce thing. but now, i see that he was really working hard. he did a lot to get what he did straight. here is a link to that clip...
and after class we check out the cha cha lounge on Pine, or was it Pike...geez, i can never get them right! great atmosphere. heavy pour on my double cazadores blanco on the rocks...LOVE that! nachos were fine...but i really loved the cha cha jalepeno hot sauce. can i buy me some of that??
so...if any of you are trying to learn this at home...god bless you! and may the force be with you!
and i also pray it is with me. i need it!!!! and practice. good night ya'll.

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Becky said...

Seeing the words "new appreciation" for a second time- seems like this adventure might be a little bit about that.