Wednesday, February 3, 2010

School is in session...

I did not break out the paints today but I spent sometime reading about painting and interesting. I also found a class that Melissa, Joyce, and I are going to take at Museo Art Academy in Issaquah! Should be fun. Here is the class description... Painting for the Fun of It! (Open Painting Sessions) Remember when you were a kid and you just started pushing paint around with no purpose and you didn't care? It was just plain fun! This class combines that approach with specific technique, materials understanding, a little purpose, and voila! You have a beautiful painting! This is a no-pressure, acrylic-on-canvas class, designed for the beginner to the advanced student. We will go over letting go and just letting the magic happen. If you are feeling a little up-tight about art and putting too much pressure on yourself, this is your time to let loose and make art fun again. Materials supplied, including canvas, brushes, paint, and a few surprises. I hope our instructor Ricco is ready for all the talent coming his way! Happy Painting! xxoo

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