Saturday, February 13, 2010

watching the olymics

wow. the olympians are so dedicated. and not that i am AT ALL like an olympic athlete, but in a way....i find myself relating. i was telling my kids that if they really loved something, we would support them in doing whatever that was. like Apollo Ohno...from Seattle...he started skating so young. he was amazing tonight in the short track competition. and yes, i am sure he has a talent...and at the same time, i think with enough practice and love for what you are doing, you can do anything. you might not win the gold...but you can do at least be in the competition. this is what i am doing with dancing.
this dance is so challenging. i had watched it so many times, and i had no idea how difficult it would be to get it in my body. in my mind, i am someone who can dance and looks good...hey, even sexy doing it. but the mirrors and my stiff, awkward body beg to differ. so the challenge lies within. how do i get my body to do what my mind thinks i can do?
P R A C T I C E!!!!!
i will get this.
today i practiced and got a bit of it down. just til the part after we dip and then do the run with the foot drag at count 6. i have it up until there, with the right foot at the calf on 6. if anyone is in the class, you'll know what i am talking about. if you watch the video, it is right where she is singing "I'm up on him..." and yes, it is very close to the beginning. i know. and yes, i am so so proud. really.
(and thanks to dina...i think i will get the rest that we learned at our first class. i called her tonight and she walked me through the last measures that i completely did not get in class. thanks, dina!!!)
actually , here is a link to the video. we should have this available so you can get a look at what we are up against.
and like my husband said today..."beyonce spends hours and hours a day learning this. give yourself a break." i can be a bit hard on myself in life.
I will keep practicing.
i am a beginner.
i can enjoy where i am, a beginner.
opening my mind and body to a whole new adventure.
it really is a good place to be.
think about when love is new....
when you are in the beginning of a relationship...
after so many years together, we long for that feeling.
couldn't i see this new beginning in the same light?

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