Monday, February 1, 2010

get your paint on, people!

or...get your paint on people! punctuation can really make a difference so, i got the easel. it is gorgeous. maybe it isn't the best easel to actually paint on, as my canvas fell off once mid stroke...but i still love it. perhaps i can get creative and figure out a way to secure the canvas in a better way. so, the easel is solid mahogany, hand carved from indonesia. a great craigslist find...thanks melissa, if you are reading. i shared the same name with the gal i bought the easel from. here it is with the beginning of my first painting. i decided on a buff background with a little texture in it. when that dries, i'll add the next layer. i am tired and still need to get the kids to i am over and out for now.
happy painting everyone!


Good Luck With That said...

I love it! xxoo-Dina

becky said...

I think the top of the easel could be a painting in itself. go you!