Sunday, February 21, 2010

i did dance today! (a little)

I admit i have not practiced as much since the last class as i did the one before. i was dedicated, because i was so bad at the first class. this class...probably because i practiced so much...was not quite as challenging. it actually was more physically challenging...Inga had us doing push-ups before class and lunges and plank pose...all part of our "bitch-up" as she called it. haha. part warm up, part getting our bitch on and ready for the attitude part of the dance. this week, i also decided to just have more fun. i mean, i still am taking it really wanting to get it right. but seeing it as fun, instead of something i feel like a failure at. saturday, we had dina and family plus my mom over for dinner...steaks and handmade gnocchi. the gnocchi is something i will never try again. in the end, they were fine...with a goat cheese sauce. hazel, dina's little one, loved them. that made me happy. and after dinner dina and all the girls were doing the dance. i didn't join til the end cause it was just too cute to watch madeline and tallulah following beyonce. we'll have to try and post a video of that. lily is really really good. i think she'll be our third dancer if we do a video. and i am hoping i can bring her to the last class maybe. she would love that. she is so into it. so, i can't believe i ajven't posted yet. we went to a new place after class this past thursday....the chapel. it is just across the street from the bauhaus coffee shop. the drinks were really great. they ahve a huge martini selection. i had the baby mae...tequila, cardamom and grapefruit juice. dina had a blackberry martini....i forget the name. maybe she'll remember. we also had a flatbread pizza and ceasar salad....yum. the salad was more anchovy-y than i usually like...but i was hungry. here is a link to the place....although i think i am partial to the cha cha, where we went the week before. more laid back. the chapel was loud and fancy, in my opinion. it did have a sorta new york appeal to it, from what i cen remember going out in NYC back in the early 90's. sometimes i think i like that, but then in reality....i like to be comfortable. and relaxed. wonder where we will go next.....til then....happy dancing! xoxoxmelissa

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