Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I would really like to fast forward to Thursday so I can be done with painting and move on with yoga. It just is really not my thing...definitely not my thing. So instead of coming up with every reason to spend time painting I have come up with every reason not to spend time painting. I even worked on the million reports, progress reports, school reports, parent reports etc that I have to do and that says tons. Today was my day off so to not paint I decided to take the girls to the store to get some flowers for the front porch..uhhh landscaping is one of the many things on the to do list with our house but seems to keep getting pushed back so a few flowers will have to do. It was a beautiful day so the girls and I had fun..and I was not painting :).. I let the girls pick out what they wanted and we just put it all together! Here is a pic of what we did.
No gym for me today since Ian was working late so I did a cardio video (to workout or not paint??) then put the kids in the bath. No more excuses so I worked on the piece I started last time. I think it is probably done and I am sure it is no peacock feathers that Melissa is working on but I guess it is not terrible..funny thing is that I don't really care and I just want it to be done. Just so quiet for me...I need to move more when I do things so I passed the painting time by checking email, facebook, and chatting on the phone..hmmm passion I don't think so. I may play around a few more times till next Thursday but feel happy that I set out to finish one piece and I have done that! Yay me :) Here are the pics..
So...I loved loved loved dance class and Yoga is next. I have a 30 day unlimited pass to a hot yoga studio in Bellevue. I am going to take some of the classes with my friend Lindsay. I really hate being hot but I love a good sweat so I am sure it will be an experience. I am a bit nervous just because I have not done it before but it must be better than painting. Funny...I read Melissa's blog and she is excited for the peacefulness of yoga and I am excited to sweat my ass off and just try to shake up my workout a bit..maybe the peaceful/spiritual side will come..I will let you know. Crazy busy few weeks ahead with Ian's bday, Passover, Spring times! GO WVU:)! I am going to do some single ladies dancing in bed, Ian out, so why not! xxoo-Dina

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melissa Baumgart said...

i think the painting is beautiful!