Friday, May 18, 2012

I Went Fishing! (Sorta)

The hopeful fisherwoman.
Posted by Melissa Baumgart
This evening I really wanted to take our youngest to see the new movie, Chimpanzee.  The oldest was volunteering at her circus school for a fundraising performance, and the middle child went to see the opening game of the Seattle Storm.  (The Storm just happened to be the 2010 WMBA champion, yes, that's right...GO Seattle!)  So, there we were, with a choice.  Take the little one fishing, or to the movies?

With good intentions, and because I like to "do it for the blog!", we went fishing.  We first stopped off at the Outdoor Emporium, the place where I previously had obtained my fishing license.  I had a fishing pole so I just needed all the fishing accoutrement.  I walked into aisles of hooks, rows and rows of inly fishing hooks! Seriously, I just needed a hook, and a worm, as far as I was concerned. But no, I had to get help, and hope that the guy wasn't up-selling me on anise flavored marshmallows to add to my leader line.  For real, I bought "marshmallows" and other bubblegum and sour apple bait as well.  Bizarre.  But even if it was an up-sell, it was only $19.00 total, so not too bad on my part.

The directions. 
Next, the three of us headed to the WAC, the UW Waterfront Activities Center, where you can rent a canoe for just $10.00/hour.  Me, Jamie, and Tallulah awkwardly entered our canoe and set out for Lake Washington's fishing delights.  We paddled ourselves under footbridges and near reeds and lily pads.  We even saw a heron fly right in front of us.  All in all, it was a pretty amazing time out on the water.

What was't amazing?  Well, as I was sitting in the front of the canoe, seriously afraid that we were ready to tip at any moment, Jamie was busily following the written drawing instructions from the man at the Outdoor Emporium.  Jamie got the fishing pole all set up with a sinker, and a swivel, marshmallows and a worm to boot.  As he was about to cast, guess what he realized?  The reel had no handle!  We had no way to reel anything in.

"True Baumgart Fashion!", is what I heard from behind me.  Followed by much laugher.  And then we were all laughing, for a long, long time.

See our catch? The lily pad!
We went fishing, and literally, could not fish.  Believe me, I tried.  And when we finally pulled in the line totally by hand, I realized we had caught a lily pad.  Perhaps you can see it in the picture to the right.

Better luck next time?



Amy Baranski said...

hysterical! glad you guys made it out on the water - what a beautiful evening.

Melanie Daryl said...

You made a good choice of opting for fishing over watching movies, Melissa. Just look at your daughter’s lovely face. She’s all-smiles. Although you didn’t catch anything that day, I don’t think that matters. What’s more important is that you’re all happy as a family and had a new experience together. Good times!

Melanie Daryl