Friday, May 4, 2012

When your courage opens unexpected doors

Posted by Melissa Baumgart
You know how this blog has turned into a vehicle to continually keep stepping out of our comfort zones? A way to keep trying new things and opening up to the infinite possibilities that being alive has to offer?

Well, sometimes those things really catch my fancy, like with yoga.  Even though I don't go as much as I wish I could, I still love it and I always will.  I look forward to a time in my life when I can go again, every single day.

Some things suck.  They seem like great ideas at some point, but then I end up not liking them.  Like anything crafty.  I really want to be crafty and handy, but alas, I am not.  And while I am ecstatic to have a beautiful dress to wear, that I made!  And to have that tufted headboard under which I fall asleep every night in my new "hotel" bedroom.  But the truth of the matter is, that in the process, I truly hate every moment.

And then sometimes, something unexpected happens.  Although, I was terrified to tears to stand on a platform 23 feet in the air and leap forth while holding the heaviest metal bar that can exist, my oldest daughter loved it!  She came with me to one of the trapeze classes and fell in love.  And I could tell from the first time, she really had a natural ability for the flying trapeze.

Tonight, at her school Talent Show, she shared a video of her performing on the flying trapeze.  I was so proud of her, and so happy that I chose to step beyond my usual and into something so uncomfortable that it made me tremble with fear.  Because, you just never know what might come from your courage.  It might be you growing and learning, or maybe, you might just open up the world in a bright, new way for someone else.

Hope you enjoyed her video!

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