Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting My Fishing License

Wow, I look thrilled.
Posted by Melissa Baumgart
I went today and got my fishing license!  I stopped in at the Outdoor Emporium on 4th Ave in SODO on my way back from Lily's trapeze team class.  Luckily they were open, and had an ATM.   You should know that they only take cash or check for the fishing license.

I received a booklet printed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, called "Fishing Sport Rules."  The Virgo in me is already happy...I love Rules!  This booklet is 135 pages long and from quickly flipping through it, seems very overwhelming.  It's likely though, that very little of it will apply to me, so I need to spend a little time filtering through the content.

The woman that helped me at the Outdoor Emporium was very knowledgeable.  She had a cute tattoo of Illinois with a heart marking where she was from on her forearm, and for some odd reason that made me feel less stressed about not knowing anything at all about fishing.  She helped me to choose a fresh water only license.  I doubt I'll be fishing in the Puget Sound, although that does sound like fun.  She also informed me that if I come back during the daytime hours, there is always a staffed fishing counter where they are happy to answer as many questions as you have.  I think Amy and I need to make our way down there this week sometime.

Signing my license.  It's official!
If you don't want to venture out, and you live in Washington, you can also get your fishing license online.  I chose the freshwater only option, and it cost around $33.00, which includes a parking pass for WDFW lands.

I also received a "Sport Catch Record Form" where I need to record the area, date, and for some fish, the species code.  What?! Species code???  Hope that's covered in the 135 page booklet that I'll get to right after my Pre-Calculus homework tonight.  This record form is for Steelhead, Salmon, Sturgeon and Halibut.  And beware, if you have one of these forms, do not lose it!  Even if you do not catch any fish, you have to mail this in or you will be fined.  I'm a little scared already, I have a bad history of getting fines from government organizations.

My weekend is a little bit busy with soccer tryouts, baseball games, sleepovers, soccer games, a talent show, Jamie's gig, finishing that lampshade and homework...but I hope to squeeze in a little fishing too!

Anyone else heading to the open waters this weekend?

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