Monday, July 16, 2012

Beacon Hill Mural

Posted by Melissa Baumgart
When carting my kids to and fro various activities, I often find myself driving through Beacon Hill.  I don't know if it's that I like the neighborhood, that the traffic can be a little less on the back streets of Seattle, or that I love this mural I get to drive by.

It is painted on the north side of a restaurant, Kusina Filipina.  I have never been in the establishment, but I think about going every time I pass by, hurriedly on my way to trapeze or soccer.  Which reminds me, I wish I could relax more in the car.

The artists that created the piece form collaborative muralist group called Matamuros.  The mural was painted in 2008, and won 'best new neighborhood mural' by the Seattle Weekly that same year.

Here are some links I found with info on Seattle neighborhood murals and public art:
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Sound Transit Art Program in Capitol Hill and elsewhere
Seattle Public Art Walking Tours (with maps to download)
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King County Cultural Services Public Art Info
Seattle PI's 12 Best Murals (2011)

What are your favorite murals around your city?  What are the stories behind them?


Cassandra said...

Wow. The colors are just striking. I can see why you like this mural!

Carol said...

I personally love the one on the side of the all on 2nd street, right before it merges with 3rd street that is "Dedicated to the good people of Seattle". The peoples' faces look so life-like and it's done so well that no one has tagged it yet. I also loved what TUBS looked like when the Nova students did it (before all the taggers joined in and ruined it).