Friday, July 20, 2012

muralis - "of a wall"

Posted by Melissa Baumgart
I thought I had figured out my mural dilemma.  Yesterday, Tallulah and I started busily working on painting a wood table in our kitchen.  We covered the whole thing in white primer, and had begun the process of choosing what we would paint upon it's blank canvas.  Her idea consisted of four squares in which would be different pictures, over a background of stripes.

This morning, as I sat down to the computer to check email and drink my coffee, I was thinking about the table mural in my mind.  "Yea, why does it have to be on a wall?  A mural can be anywhere.  A table top mural, that to ally works," I assured myself, the rule-follower.  So, I googled "mural definition" just to confirm my assuredness.

Every single online dictionary states that a mural is to be something applied directly onto a wall.  Its etymology stems from the Latin word, muralis,"of a wall" or murus, "wall."  I slumped forward even more toward the bright light of the computer screen, my table top mural idea is a fraud.

The pouring rain outside isn't helping matter any, in the case of hopefully finding some wall outside.  Actually, I have been offered a wall on my friend's house, but to be honest, with the time frame left, and my lack of artistic ability...I don't want to go and f up the wall on their nice home.  You know what I mean?

So, that leaves me with two options.
One:  Continue on with my fraudulent table top mural.
Two:  Pick a wall in my house and get to work.

Since this was a reader picked month, shall I leave it up to you, the readers????  Leave me a comment with you suggestion, and I will start tomorrow.  That will give me 10 days!


Lili Hynes said...

i think wall

Melissa Baumgart said...

what wall, Lili???

Cassandra said...

I would work on the table and consider it good. ;) I think that table has promise!

Carol said...

who says a wall has to be vertical? Isn't your table just a wall with legs? A mobile wall, like the wall of the van with the bee mural.