Thursday, July 12, 2012

Soaking it all in

Posted by Melissa Baumgart

It is summer in Seattle!  

After months of waking up to rainy and dreary skies, we are now greeted by gorgeous puffy clouds that give way, by afternoon, to clear skies as far as the eye can see.  I love the way the sun feels on my skin, warm and penetrating, to what feels as deep as my soul.  I have been outside as much as possible, soaking at all in.

I have not been outside painting a mural.  Although, this would be the month to do so.  The dry weather would be perfect for a long term painting project outdoors.  I tried and tried to find somewhere to paint a public mural, since we live in an apartment and do not have permission to paint on on our building.  I tried to find a current project, perhaps one that we could volunteer some hours toward.  No luck.

This weekend, my goal is to try and find a piece of plywood, bought or found, and start a mural on there.  I was thinking of adding to my bedroom that I started sprucing up, during DIY month.  My vision is of something with whites, creams, and shades of light earthy tones.  I have a big spot where I can hang the mural when finished.  The question at hand is, what design?  I am more the type to just start and see where I end up.  No plan, free-hand, abstract art.  But I am open to doing something with more fore-thought and precision.  Maybe.

Perhaps I will head to Pinterest or other internet sites for some inspiration.  Tonight, I could make an inspiration board and go from there.

Oh, and by the by, Pregnant Melinda is still up to her tricks.  Remember her from a few months ago?After losing 10 pounds and maintaining that for a month or so, I fell off the wagon and loaded up 5 pounds again.  As of last week, I am back to healthy eating and exercise.  My kids have been running with me, and coaching me through crunches and plank pose.  I have to say, they make great trainers!  A new goal is set, to lose 15 pounds by 9/7/12...just in time to celebrate my 40th!!  I know it is do-able.  Will power, positive self affirmations filled with love, and less self criticism.


Cassandra said...

I am LOVING the weather here. Hubs and I keep remarking how lucky we are when we go outside. This evening we walked for about 45 minutes and just soaked up the beautiful weather. It's so much better than Arizona!

Good luck with your goals! It definitely sounds doable.

Melissa Baumgart said...

Hi Cassandra! You made it to Seattle! I am glad you are loving the weather so far. I hope you also love the neighborhood you decided on. Hope the rest of the summer sun treats you well, and especially those nice cool summer nights!

Cassandra said...

Thanks, Melissa! We do love our area. It's fairly quiet with tons of places to walk or run nearby. I just hope I don't freeze this winter. ;) Sometimes it feels chilly to me and I think my blood is too thin. Ha!

Hope all is well with you!