Saturday, July 10, 2010

the Sun sun sun, here i come!

i am referring to the magazine, of course.  i just finished my piece for the "Readers Write" section of the magazine.  the topic was...making it last.  and although i thought writing about chewing a piece of bubble gum for two weeks would be a fun way to explore the topic, i went with using my marriage as the thing that has lasted.  i wrote about how yoga has helped us work through our challenges as a couple and open our hearts to each other in a whole new way.  in a way that i never even knew was possible, or knew that i wanted.  i thought i was just fine being non-affectionate and closed off.  turns out, i guess it was fine for that time...but now there is this new amazing way to be together.  a way that is more giving to ourselves as individuals and therefore opens us up even more to each other.  so...i am going to go back and edit it tonight or tomorrow and then print it out on Monday and send it on in.  chances are, it won't be published.  but for me, the fact that i actually am going to send it in is a big deal.

i have attempted the morning pages several times, and get distracted by kids and such.  i really need to get up earlier if i want to make the morning pages work.  but for some reason, i have not been sleeping as well as sleeping in has been helpful.  keep in mind, sleeping in around here is 8am.  i wonder if i am just too excited for my trip, and it has me racing in my brain into the night.  last night the last time i checked the clock was 2:20am.  and i hadn't slept yet.  i know some of you probably suffer from insomnia and falling asleep at all sounds like heaven.  but that is strange for me, i am a pretty good and pretty heavy sleeper. to write a couple poems.  i don't know how comfortable i'll be posting them.  we'll see.
and then off to enjoy some of this amazing Northwest sunshine.  at the beach with my bro!


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