Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Step 1...

I got started today with the first stage of my Geneva/Europe scrapbook for my girls.  I know Melissa wrote "crapbooking" as being funny but to be honest I picked this month but kinda initially felt the same way.  Since I have been here I really feel that it is important to make something for my kids to help them remember their experiences here...kinda how sometimes when you have seen a picture so many times you feel like you can remember it but really you just are remembering the picture...like that.  I wanted something to give to them that would have all the memories that will help are family talk and think about our trip here when we have long gone....something special to them from me.  I have always known from the beginning that I did not want to do a book with a ton of fancy boarders etc but just something that was interesting to look at I guess a bit creative as I would not consider myself to be crafty at all.  Since we arrived in Geneva I have been collecting all the "crap" we have done....tickets, menus, napkins of fun places we ate at, receipts, bus tickets etc.  Ok so really this stuff drives me crazy...I hate it....all the papers ugh so I initially hid them all in a cabinet...that is not going to get me anywhere.   Today I decided that my first step was to organize them all into the places they come from and create some kind of system to put new things in.  Once I get this done I will start making "pages" for each topic.  I think I mentioned before that I have been reading other blogs and one that I love is from a mom in San Diego and she is the most organized person I have ever "met"...she gives great ideas and sometimes I dream about being that organized but I am going to give this a go.  Joyce gave me a scrapbook with plastic page protectors so I took that all the crap and off I went to a friends house (by bus...so love not having a car) and spent the afternoon organizing.  Here is what I came up with..

Here is my Marineland stuff...kinda like Sea World but oh so different:) that we went to in Biot France.  We had a great day with the girls and this packet contains all of our tickets etc.  I am not sure I will use everything but at least it is all together.  The next one is all of my stuff from our trip to Villefranche.  I have to say it was awesome to look at all the stuff and it did remind me of the fun we had. I have decided not to add photos to this book.  Both my girls have baby albums and really I think as Melissa is doing..photos should be kept digital and I would bet that by the time my girls are grown photo albums will be a thing of the way past.  So there you go my first step at scrapbooking.  So far I love it...mostly because I am making it for Madeline and Hazel.  They will never remember all of this crazy adventure we are on so if I can give them a piece of what they don't remember this was so worth it.  I know if I handed them a bag of this stuff they would never appreciate it or be worried I would be upset if one day they wanted to throw it out so maybe if I just make one simple book they will have it to treasure...I may be kidding myself but I hope so.  Next step is to make the fist page!  I am going to do that next week.  Happy Crapbooking!  So far I LOVE it~

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