Monday, November 29, 2010

virtual scrapbook is published!

here is the link so you all can check it out.
just remember it is very, very preliminary....
The 5 Baumgart's Website

I had to add in this picture.  I captured this moment at Discovery Park the other day.  really, they were playing, but i love thinking he was caught in the act of shaking her and trying to throw her off the log.  my twisted sense of humor.  

hopefully this website/scrapbook will turn into a fun way for me and the kids to keep our memories and share them too.  and hopefully people will get my sense of humor and not turn us into child protective services :)  it will be a scrapbook without all the paper and mess that doesn't go along with my simplifying life month i had a while back.  August i think it was.

i am getting back to yoga....yet again.  still my one true passion i have discovered through this search.  and man, when i don't go for a couple can be rough.  especially when said weeks have been surrounding the thanksgiving holiday and there has been lots of merry making and eating.  lots of eating.  god, i love food.  remember that post so many months ago...where i love food more than any other human?  yeah, i am still working on that one.

and as for next is already working out smoothly.  i am going to a drumming class....latin hand drumming...on, yes, it starts on Wednesday....December 1st!  it'll be every week and an hour and is open to total beginners.  any takers on going with me?  it's at the Seattle Drum School in Georgetown.  maybe i'll play a little drum thing at my christmas eve party this year.  and hopefully it will be better than when i attempted Mary had a Little Lamb on the accordion one year.  wow.  glad that was not captured on video.

well...i am sure i have a ton more witty, insightful things to say.  i know i did.  i was thinking about them when i woke up in bed the other night.  but now all i can think about is getting dinner started for tomorrow.  Jamie invited some friends over for dinner and i wasn't thinking and went to yoga tonight instead of the grocery store.  and after i work tomorrow and pick up the kids from school, I'll have exactly 2 hours to cook everything, get cleaned up and pretend it was nothing.  oh this, i just whipped it up.  Roasted chicken, kale salad, sausage stuffing, corn and mushrooms.  it was no sweat.  smile.  drink.  smile some more.

but glad i went to yoga.  i never rested in savasana so much in a class ever.  guess i need it.

well...11:20...time to get started cooking.  it's how i roll.


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