Friday, November 5, 2010

taking photos

today on our walk to school, i took some shots of...well, our walk to school.  :)  it was so quiet and peaceful (i had dropped the kids already and it was my walk if you couldn't already tell) and although i had wished i would have remembered my camera the past two days when the sun was vibrant and shining, this is what it was and i dug deep to find gratitude for these quiet overcast moments.  the leaves were still so colorful, and the houses i pass were still beautiful...and maybe even cozier with the cloudiness that surrounded them.
i will be taking the bus through the city today and i plan on taking some more pictures, and to step out of my comfort zone and not worry about looking like a tourist and snap as many shots as i like.  that will be hard for me.  but hey i do hot yoga, i can do anything!
Speaking of bikram yoga....i was scrolling through the email i got from the sweatbox last night.  that is the studio where i practice.  anyway.  i was reading through it because last month was the 30 day challenge and my friend Stephanie did it.  yea stephanie!!!  amazing.  and so i was excited to see her name and then i kept reading and i saw my name!  i felt semi famous for a minute in my own way.  i hate to admit that, but i did.  here is what the owner Laura wrote....

Melissa Baumgart, SweatBox student, searches for joy and finds it all over the place, including at The SweatBox:

so, there is my excitement.  had to share.  and looking forward to sharing more with this "scrapbooking" month.  the kids want to get in on it and i think maybe after i figure it out...we could have a little family website where they can share their photography and thoughts.  that would be fun.

ok, off to a midwifery conference.  oooh, yes, i have exciting new on the birth career front.  I'll share more later.

and PS....if you found this blog through the Sweatbox link....go back to April's posts to fread about our journey with finding bikram yoga.  i think it just may be one of the whole reasons i did this blog.  it is my passion....and i am still searching for more...who says you can only have one!


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