Wednesday, November 10, 2010

nothing happened yesterday unless you count...

me scoring a free ticket to see my new favorite band!  (thanks Jamie!!!!)  We got tickets to see the sold out show of Fistful of Mercy.  it is a trio with Ben Harper (LOVE Ben!), Joseph Arthur (now i also LOVE Joe) and Dhani Harrison (son of Beatle George Harrison).  it was amazing and i have not stopped listening to the album all day. (literally.  i think people at work and my kids at home have had enough)  talk about passion and creativity....these three guys wrote and recorded their debut album "As I Call You Down" in only three days.  wrote and recorded.  it is inspiring.  here is a link to a video of them at KEXP here in Seattle.  also, they started their tour here....made seattle feel special to me.

so...yea, that was real good.

and back to scrapbooking month, i have been snapping shots everywhere....mostly just of random stuff i see.  whether it is artistic or dumb or fun for people to look at doesn't quite matter when you are doing something to stir up the creativity within. at least that is what i have found.  the more i wonder if what i am photographing is cool, the less i feel that deep sense of awe in the world...the mystery.  it comes from the same place within us that creates life, from the womb, from the source.  it's like life is totally coming full circle in so many ways for me lately.
in some ways the circle is about the birthing career thing i mentioned before in a prior post.  since i mentioned the womb i thought of it.  i am starting a career as a birth assistant.  i am getting all my training and certifications in order in the coming months.  and then coming soon, probably before i realize the time has gone by, i will be on call and attending births!  i will be assisting the midwife...getting her the things she needs, being a second pair of hands when needed.  i can't believe it is happening.  and yet i can.  i have been transforming more than i ever have this past year and it is paying off so to speak.  i always come back to wanting to be a midwife and now as i embark on this new chapter, i can look back and see that i have always been on this path...even times that i doubted, times that i denied it, times that i shrank away from my  dreams.  all those times, i were part of my path.  every step paves the way for the next, even when we walk through dark times...we are perhaps nurturing the depths, so that we have a stronger foundation.  that is how i feel these days, like i am starting to stand on a stronger foundation.
just seems like lots of situations have happened lately where i find myself knowing i am in the right place at the right time.  it is quite satisfying and scary.  i used to equate that feeling of satisfaction or comfort or like everything is lining up with the thought that it must mean i was going to die.  i know, crazy.  but somehow i always saw the headlines...."sweet girl dies just as everything was going right."  i bet that is some crazy past life shit right there.  but the scary part is way the fear is more like i am about to jump off the high dive and i am shaking, but i also sorta know it will be exhilarating and fun.  not saying i am ready for a bungee jump, but a high dive...yes.  (aside....i am a bit fearful of heights and get vertigo, a random yet apt example i happened upon with the high dive.  cause i absolutely loved the high dive as a kid.)
well, my thoughts are jumping i am off for a break and more Fistful of Mercy, exploring Joseph Arthur's music.


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