Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So far so good, until now.

Study, study, study.
posted by Melissa Baumgart
January, thus far:

  • Started back to school!  Paid my own tuition. (Worker Retraining?  Really?  How can you be retrained without funding for classes when you are on unemployment?)  Classes will be difficult, but in a good way.  
  • Healthival is off to a good start!  No dairy, no wheat, no sugar, no alcohol and more exercise.  Walking to school has been the extent of the exercise for now, but it's a start.  This clearing of the body is going to make achieving my school goals a whole hell of a lot easier.  I could already feel its effects this morning walking to school; the sun was coming up and creating a pink wavy blanket across the sky, the air was somewhat warm, and I felt clear and content.  It was difficult to just be there in that moment and savor it, not wanting to make sure I create this every day, to wonder if colder and drearier weather would take that contentment away.  To just be there - I think I accomplished that for about 30 seconds, a small but potent gift.
  • Sweepstakes entering has begun!  Yesterday I set up a new email account with the name "melissabwins" in hopes to magnetize the winnings.  I entered several contests trying to win various prizes:  a camera, a Kinect system, a $200.00 gift card, a Roku and free year of Pandora, a Bobby Flay cookbook, a Honda CRV plus free gas for a year, the HGTV Dream Home in Utah, a GMC truck, and a $250,000 shopping spree.
  • I saved money grocery shopping yesterday!  I spent a total of $61.90 and saved 20% off the original total of $77.39 and at the other store I spent $35.39 and saved $12.76, a total savings of 27%!!! (the receipt told me)  I used my 10% member coupon at the local co-op, my QFC advantage card and  coupons.  And I made sure to buy things I use, I hear using coupons can catch you in a trap of spending money on things you normally wouldn't buy in the first place, just to use the coupon.
  • The bad news:  I just went to get into my wallet to check my lottery ticket from yesterday and realized I left my purse in my classroom this morning!  Crap!  Gotta run back to school now.  Please tell me there is a silver lining in this...
Save, save, save!

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