Monday, January 9, 2012

Lottery update

By Amy baranski

Playing the lottery feels totally hopeless, like Robin Williams hopeless in Goodwill Hunting. Like Matt Damon hopeless in general. And every time I lose I hear a little voice say: "It's not your fault." At first I grin cockeyed and say, "I know." Then the voice repeats, "It's not your fault." This goes on-and-on until I'm weeping into the voice's arms.

That's a total lie.

In this post I'm including a picture of two losing lotto tickets.

On January 15, 2012 one of the world's biggest lottery games will become bigger and better, so says the Washington Lottery website. The site goes on to say that the largest jackpot to date was won by eight workers from a Nebraska meatpacking plant. The sum was $365 million.

The changes to the jackpot that begin on January 15 will include a jackpot that starts at $40 million this is up from $20 million. The second prize will increase to $1 million this is up from $200,000. The odds are in proving as four Powerball balls will be removed, the Powerball pool drops from 39 to 35. The player can still choose the first five numbers from 1-59.

Powerball has nine winning ball combinations the more numbers that match the numbers drawn the more you win. Let's play Powerball!