Monday, January 2, 2012

It can't be wrong, when it feels so right

posted by Melissa Baumgart
As Amy addressed earlier today, we are changing yet another month for Good Luck With That!
She claims to be unapologetic, but I defer to some apologies.  There is just this part of me that really wants to stick with the original list.  Like a challenge set forth, it needs to be followed through to the end (even if it is bitter) to see what unknown fruits are to be gained.  And then, there is the more realistic and logical part of me.  That part sees movie making as a plan for failure; doing something completely new while also taking 15 credits of difficult classes.

Alas, I have come over to Amy's side and decided that it can't really be that wrong to change, when it feels so right.

We are switching to "Sweepstakes Month!"

I see it as a chance to save some money through frugal shopping, perhaps winning some money through using coupons and sharing that experience's highs and lows.  It may also be a chance to win some money through contest, lottery and bingo.  I remember watching a movie set back in the 50's where the Mom stayed at home and entered contests to bring home money for the family.  You never know, maybe I'll find my luck afterall (recall poker month)!  One things for sure, I am setting up a new email account for all the spam I'll be sure to get.  An account that I can delete as soon as February hits.

So far I am down $10.00 on the scratch-off tickets I bought today.  And I am holding a $1.00 Lotto ticket for a drawing tonight.  The good thing is that both rows of numbers start with 09, my lucky number!

Feel free to send along your ideas on saving money and winning money, and of course, send along any scratch-offs too.  I love playing those!  And you can bet, if I win big, I'll be filming that.  SO you may get your movie after all.

Good Luck!

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